Players' Life (Single from The Playground Zone)

by Alphabet Rockers



"The Player's Life" is the newest song from Alphabet Rockers, and the hit singled from their new EP and live concert series, "The Playground Zone."
Welcome to the playground - the cross-section of community. The rules are to be courteous, and that no one gets left behind. Pick up a wall ball or jump rope with this hip hop crew from Oakland, CA, and their change makers show for kids who want to make a positive difference in the world.


Players’ Life
© School Time Music LLC 2016
Written by Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Shepherd, Aaron Horowitz

HEY - i just want you to know i wanna
PLAY - don’t stop just go - gonna
STAY - in the playground zone-
live that life til the street lights come on

Verse 1:
All my players - together - whatever the whether
We play wall ball, kickball, baseball, tether -
We’re all instant friends and we’re down for each other
No kingdom on the playground we’re kings and queens forever
Like swinging with your sisters, and sliding with your brothers
We all are the jam and It’s all peanut butter
It’s what it is - It’s how we get down
It’s the player’s life out on the playground!


Verse 2:
Here’s the rules: there’s only one kind
Be courteous, cool, no one gets left behind
Take turns everything’ll be fine,
and we can sort it out when it’s clean up time
‘Cause what’s yours is yours, and what’s mine is mine,
and we can laugh together in the monkey bar line
It’s what it is - It’s how we grind
In the players’ life- it’s always playtime!


Verse 3:
Tag! You’re it! - We’re back and we’re racing
This time we’re all in outer space, chasing
Check the swings they’ll fly you to the moon -
HEY, bring back a kick ball, we’ll need one soon!
Who’s up? Me! It’s my turn to swing
I pushed you, can you push me
As high as you can? Underdog, please?
Watch us as we do our thing!



released June 6, 2016
Produced by Brad Dollar, Zoo Labs, Oakland, CA.
Featured Vocalists: Alphabet Rockers: Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Shepherd, Juan Amador (Wonway Posibul), with Stefanie Chung & Gendell Hing-Hernandez
Written by: Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Shepherd, Aaron Horowitz
Music production: Aaron Horowitz, Brad Dollar
Mastered by: Colin Leonard, SING Mastering, Atlanta, GA.
Cover Art: Ratha Nou
Photography: Steve Jennings
Art Design: Stefanie Chung



all rights reserved


Alphabet Rockers Oakland, California

Alphabet Rockers’ mission is to make learning come alive through the beats, rhymes, moves and community of hip hop.

Their newest release The Playground Zone raises timely issues about race, ethnicity, neuro-diversity and community, employing old-school and contemporary hip hop music with street cred in ways that instantly engage young listeners. Fully kid-tested and approved!
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